Commercial Kitchen Equipments

Commercial kitchens are designed to produce foods in a large scale with the help of powerful kitchen equipments. Commercial kitchen designs provide an elegant look to your kitchen and at the same time facilitates master chefs to prepare multiple cousins in a more productive way.

Commercial kitchen equipment includes a wide range of products like cooking equipments, bakery equipments, storage equipments, refrigeration equipments, utensil cleaning equipments, exhausts and chimneys equipments, food preparation and processing equipments, mixing and grinding equipments, etc.

Cooking Equipments: When it comes to selecting cooking equipments for a commercial kitchen, we have to select the top most ranges of cooking equipments that are inevitable for our kitchen like restaurant electric ranges, restaurant gas ranges, heavy-duty gas ranges, ventless ranges, stock pot stoves, hotplates, etc.

Restaurant Electric Ranges: Cooking in a commercial kitchen with limited space can be made convenient with the help of  commercial electric stoves. Commercial electric stoves are easy to install, compact in size and can operate in a place where there is lack of proper ventilation. Although commercial electric stoves take time to generate heat and may be cost-ineffective to use, these are more appropriate for kitchens with limited space.

In electric ranges there are also heavy duty electric ranges which are useful in high-volume food preparation and also come with extra features than restaurant ranges. Heavy duty electric ranges are sturdy in design which lasts longer and helps in preparing more dishes during busy hours.

Restaurant Gas Ranges: There is no doubt to say that cooking in gas ranges saves a lot of time as it needs fewer seconds to heat up. In addition to minimization of cooking time gas ranges also helps in controlling right amount of heat while cooking varieties of food items. Gas ranges are more reliable where there is frequent power interruption. Sometimes when you are in a hurry to prepare a volume of dishes at that time cooking on a gas range will help you to extract a number of dishes within your scheduled time.

There are also heavy duty gas ranges which are convenient for dirty and large volume environments, more powerful and durable than restaurant gas ranges.

Bakery Equipment: Ovens have a special importance in baking large volume of food items whether it may be breads, cookies or biscuits. So to bake smartly, a chef at a commercial kitchen like restaurants, hotels, canteens or any food parks need a smart and efficient oven. Among the commercial ovens the most popular ones are combi ovens, convection ovens, countertop electric ovens, countertop gas ovens, deck-type electric ovens, deck-type gas ovens and so on.

Storage Equipments: Storage equipments are required to store kitchen sets in an organized manner so that the kitchen stuffs can be easily located and will give an elegant look to your kitchen. Among the storage equipments the most common are storage rack, scrub sink station, oil can rack, stainless steel storage bin, plate storage rack and pot Racks etc.

Refrigeration Equipments: In a commercial kitchen such as hotels, restaurants and canteens everybody know the importance of the refrigeration. Commercial refrigeration helps to store perishable goods for a longer period without adding any harmful chemicals. Both refrigerators and freezers are available in commercial refrigeration range. Varieties of refrigerators and freezers are available like reach-in freezers and refrigerators, roll-thru refrigerators,roll-in refrigerators, undercounter refrigerators and freezers, walk in refrigeration, blast chillers, ice cream equipments and bar refrigeration equipments.

Utensil Cleaning Equipments: Utensil cleaning equipments are highly essential for many restaurants especially dealing with high volume of orders. It is necessary to keep clean all the kitchen tools and dishes, glassware and flatware before serving food and to save time restaurant owners take the help of dishwashers, glass washers and utensil washers.

Exhausts and Chimneys equipments : Exhaust and chimney equipments are inevitable to keep your kitchen fully ventilated by throwing out all smoke and gases. There are a wide varieties of exhaust and chimney equipments like exhaust wood, air curtains, exhaust blowers, domestic chimney for small kitchens, industrial exhaust system and so on.

Food Preparation and Processing Equipments : Every commercial kitchen need food preparation and processing equipments to get their job easy and quick. Everyday they need to slice up plenty of meat, cheese, bread and other products to include in their palatable dishes. Some of popular food preparation equipments are meat slicers, bread slicers, cheese cutter and graters, vegetable cutters and so on. Varieties of food processors, mixers and grinders are available to meet the varied needs of commercial kitchens.

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