Construction Excavators

With Odisha rapidly growing in infrastructural sector, Trishul tread brings to you the latest range of TATA HITACHI construction excavators,  the leader in excavators range worldwide. Loaded with heavy duty engine for the most demanding tasks, these excavators come in various sizes and power to be used in multiple and/or..Continue Reading

Dump Truck – An Inevitable Vehicle for Construction and Mining Industry- Trishul Tread

A dump truck is a truck used for moving material such as sand, gravel, or demolition waste for construction. It is also used in mines and collieries to move ores and coal. It is known as dumper/tipper truck in UK. Basically it is a truck with an open-box bed fitted..Continue Reading


250 Hydraulic Excavator is a marvelous invention for the construction and mining industry. These are heavy equipment consisting of a Boom, Dipper (or stick), Bucket, and Cab on a rotating platform known as the “house”. Prominent manufacturers of this product are TATA HITACHI, JCB, Volvo, HYUNDAI,  Komatsu etc. Excavators may..Continue Reading