Special Rajasthani Tandoor Bhatti / Tandoor Handi by Amicable Equipments

Depending upon the current demand of different kinds of Tandoor at Hotel / Party or in any occessation, Tandoor Bhatti / Handi  plays an important role.

Amicable Equipments launches Rajstani Tandoor Bhatti / Handi in Odisha market to give a new era on it to available healthy food.

The main key factor of this Tandoor Bhatti  is its ingredients and making process.

Normal Tandoor Bhatti  which is available in Odisha market they are very thin (around 1 inch thickness and it’s made from a kind of mud and its fired, but when it comes to Rajstani Tandoor Bhatti it’s really unique. It is made from a special kind of mud with heavy think ness (around 3-4 inch), Horse Hair, Myrrh Resin (Jhuna), Lakha,Pancha JadiButi and Jute etc..

Once it is made, it is lightly fired by Cow Dung cake (Ghasi)  and cow dung (Gobara) and finally a lepa inside and outside of the Handi. 


  • Shape : Square and Round
  • Materials used: Jindal Stainless Steel 202/304 grade 16 / 18 Gage
  • Body: 304 grade Jindal stainless steel 18 gage and Top / Cover 202 grade 16 gage 
  • Size: 24 x 24, 30 x 30 and 36 x 36

Quality Assurance:

Chemical testing shall be done without any additional cost

Cost:Vary depending upon the size and material used

Benefits: HeallyFood

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