Hammelmann High Pressure Pump

Hammelmann high pressure pumps are built to operate at the continuous maximum duty stated in the performance parameters, just compare the crankshaft speed, average plunger speed, plunger diameter and power rating.

  • Power ratings up to 1100kw
  • Vertical 7 cylinder design
  • Wide variety of complementary ancillaries.
  • Pressure upto- 3000 bar
  • Flow rate upto-2987 lpm
  • High Pressure Pump

Quality and Reliability

  • Stainless steel pump head free of alternating stress
  • Cross head piston bellow seal Choice of ‘application specific’ seal assemblies
  • Solid ceramic or tungsten carbide plungers
  • Choice of bronze or stainless steel suction chamber
  • Crank section calculation by ‘Finite element method’ ensures long working life under continuous load
  • Twin helical integral reduction gear with crankshaft supported by 4 bearings
  • Pressurised oil lubrication system with oil cooler/filter


  • Removal of marine growths from the hull, rudder and propellers
  • Spot blasting
  • Hull underside cleaning
  • Surface preparation for re-coating the hull above and below the water line
  • Rust removal and surface preparation in ballast tanks in dock or at sea
  • Cleaning and surface preparation works on superstructure, deck machinery, winches, gangways and anchor chains
  • Removing burnt primer from weld seams
  • Washing primed new build sections
  • Cold cutting
  • General clean up operations on dock floors and walls
  • General maintenance on dockyard machinery, pipe lines, plant and equipment

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