Paint Shop Cleaning Services


  • Over spray removal from paint booth grids
  • Over spray removal from skids
  • Cleaning conveyor chains
  • Casting core removal from engine blocks, cylinder heads, gearbox housings and suction manifold
  • Cleaning transport and production machinery. Machine centres, workshops and parking areas
  • Cleaning brake lines, electrolysis baths, hydraulic lines
  • Cutting bodywork, seals, linings
  • Reprocessing engine blocks, bodywork panel
  • Reclaiming QC failed headlight reflectors
  • Welded seam clean up
  • De-scaling and de-burring
  • De-burring bores (root burrs)
  • Flat de-burring and engine block washing


Cleaning equipment used for on deck cleaning, paint booth cleaning and or various other surface preparation using high pressure spray bars.

A vacuum system is attached to this equipment in order to collect the waste water and debris from the surface.

The maximum operating pressure is up to 3000 bar.



It is a cleaning device used for surface preparation using a vacuum system operated manually.

Cleaning, striping vertical surfaces.

Ship repair- removal of marine growths, stripping hull coatings

Construction Industry: removal of paints and for other concrete surfaces.


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