Hydro-jet cleaning in Thermal and Captive power plants

With growing demand in power consumption, thermal and captive power plants are now increasing their production capacity and in the process they need to keep their power plants in optimum working conditions. Residual build-up and harmful deposits is a common sight within the equipments of such industries. For the said purpose, proper cleaning and maintenance of these equipments require Hydro-jetting of the best quality.

At MS-Corp we offer the best hydro-jet cleaning services for all their equipments across all types of thermal and captive power plants. We use Hammelmann make and domestic equipments to cater to any type of cleaning requirement of our clients and our industry experts ensure best results in whatever task we perform.

For any queries call us on +91-7894435152 or email us at info@ms-corp.in  or visit www.ms-corp.in

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