High Pressure Hydro-Jetting Services for Aluminium & Steel Industry in India

Aluminium and Steel Industries are now using hydro-jet cleaning, commonly known as high-pressure cleaning, for effective cleaning of their equipments.  Aluminium & Steel have emerged as the most prefered material for industrial and domestic consumption. Their demand has been soaring relentlessly since a century and has tremendous growth potential for centuries to come.

Aluminium and Steel manufacturing units, in the process of production, incur huge costs in maintaining and cleaning equipments which is necessary to keep the equipments functioning optimally. Hydro-Jet Cleaning or high pressure cleaning of equipments is the most effective cleaning solution for Aluminium and Steel Industries. Hydro-Jetting or high-pressure cleaning is a method of cleaning using high-pressure water jets to scrub and remove any type of unwanted deposits.

MSC has been acknowledged as one of the leading service providers in area of high pressure cleaning and offers a wide range of hydro-jet cleaning solutions from 300 to 3000 bar pressure for a wide variety of aluminium and steel industry equipments. Our decades of experience and meticulous approach in identifying to troubleshooting the problem in a structured manner ensures the best results in cleaning of any kind of equipment. We cater to cleaning services of  the following types:


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