Building efficient manpower resource through Manpower Outsourcing.

An organization to be successful needs planning and the priority that tops in this planning stage is manpower recruitment. Any organization to tread successfully on its planned path needs meticulous selection of appropriate man, machine, material and infrastructure, the most crucial and volatile aspect being the planning and selection of manpower.

The human resource can be appointed for a multitude of tasks ranging from skilled to unskilled set of tasks which requires respective personnel to carry out the desired tasks thus generating the expected result. A proper planning of manpower depends on what the company intends to do, estimated manpower size, nature and quality of the product/service, listing technical and functional requirements of the position, selecting the right sources of manpower sourcing and its growth/expansion plans.

Under the present scenario any organization is only a blue-print of human activity and a specific goal which requires manpower to in order to realize these objectives. With competition today compelling organizations to stay a step ahead of competitors in every aspect, selection of manpower needs to be closely scrutinized and modified to excel in the competition. To be the best or be amongst the best, proper selection of manpower and their utilization as per the strategically designed layout is necessary. A carefully and properly planned recruitment process along with correct selection strategies also keep the attrition rates under control and most importantly reduce repeated hiring costs. Manpower recruitment also provides solution to four of the major managerial functions which are planning, directing, organizing and controlling and proper recruitment helps in proper functioning and implementation all of the above functions.

Manpower recruitment provides the essential support needed by any organization for its planned actions to take shape and for that matter proper selection and sourcing plays the most vital role. Sourcing manpower from specialized manpower consultant firms and individual manpower consultants can be a good option in this regard as it saves the time of HR department for other important tasks, the cost involved in head hunting and most importantly shortlisting of potential candidates. Manpower is not only recruiting people but extends much beyond recruitment engulfing all the tasks required to engage the right people at the right place and at the right time.

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