Packaging industries manpower issues may become a great hurdle in India’s slogan of “make in India”

India’s growing consumerism is taking its packaging sector through unprecedented technological break-through and rapid revenue benchmarks. As the globalization sets-in with its plethora of offerings, the young India is showing a rising inclination towards the more sophisticated and technologically improved lifestyle.

Be it a casual shopping from the market or an online order, safe, hygienic and convenient packaging of the items has gained increased importance in satisfying today’s consumer base. Packaging has come a long way from simple wrappers and carry bags to damage free, hygienic and dust-proof cartons that not only cater to the retail sector but to the manufacturer and wholesaler as a whole.

With packaging playing an essential role of the products sales, proper and suitable packaging has become a highly technical area of focus for the entire spectrum of products being sold out there in the global market.

Be it the export or the import market, packaging has grown from a mere mode of carrying convenience to an aspect of product’s overall aesthetics and a highly organized and technical sector contributing to over 7% of India’s infrastructural revenue earnings.

However, Packaging Industry in India is still fighting a tough battle in keeping up to the challenge of “Make in India” due to the cheaper and usually technologically advanced Chinese packaging items.

But it is surprising that this giant economy is facing the issue of challenging the in-house development of technologically improved and cheaper packaging techniques but a rather more significant issue of supply of adequate and skilled manpower.

As packaging sector is gaining momentum in recent times, the availability of adequately trained manpower has become an issue due to the lack of proper educational infrastructure in this field.

With many packing industries coming up, supply of manpower has become a crucial issue in running this business and it is here that the need manpower outsourcing firms is being felt vastly.

Manpower outsourcing due to their widespread reach and connectivity are able to tap these resources from various corners of the nation and maintain a demographic database of such workforce, ready and willing to be employed at different corners of this nation.

This not only gives these packaging players a respite from the regular and most often wearing in-house hiring process but also saves considerable amount of cost and time as such work force are available for interview with just one call to these outsourcing firms and the best part being the contractual hiring of this workforce that saves considerable amount of money in the long run.

SGK India, a dominant player in the field of outsourcing is coming up with highly specialized ways of meeting this challenge by sourcing the best talents from across every corner of the nation. With is merit already shining across various sectors, SGK india is for sure brining a sea change in India’s packaging sector manpower issue.

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