Huge manpower needed to spin the wheels of Automobile sector

One of the biggest inventions in human civilization was the invention of WHEEL. After meeting the basic needs of life, Human beings wanted to find better ways doing trade and transport and that gave birth to wheels. That wheel has set the Global economy and finance on fast track ever since. It evolved from hand pulled/pushed carts to carriages and caravans and finally to motor based vehicles that could transport heavier loads and travel longer distances with minimal human efforts.

In early stages of wheels invention, a cart or carriage supported on wheels was considered royal and were the priced possession of royal families but as time progressed people started creating their own wheels with different materials like stone, wood, iron etc. and they made their own modes of transport.

These transportation modes could not only transport goods but also people, that too in style without dirt and the best part was it saved tremendous amount of time and efforts. This made people dream of owning a vehicle and this interest and inquisitiveness of human beings of having an own mode of transport gave birth to the automobile sector.

As the Automobile sector in early 1800’s was witnessing an overwhelming set-up of numerous¬† home based R&D units, only a handful of them could produce road-worthy vehicles with majority of them falling apart in lack of proper technical know-how, funding, infrastructure and most importantly skilled workforce.

However, with automobile sector introducing a more safer, faster and economical transport option, the respective governments felt the need of establishing proper production units to help there economy grow at a rapid pace. With capital influx in such sector, rapid development and production of automobile started. But with passing of time, human beings and rapid infrastructural growth needed more sophisticated vehicles that could not only be produced faster but performed better than its predecessors. Automobile sector though responded aptly to such need but it could not rise-up to meet the growing demand of people mainly because of the lack in specifically skilled workforce.

The shortfall of workers has ever since been a leg-puller in potential development of this sector. Today nearly 4.2 crore employees are engaged in the automobile sector worldwide as against a requirement of approximately 7 crores to meet the rising demand globally. As labour short-fall continues to be global phenomenon in this sector, India specifically with its rising Infrastructural growth and socio-economic standing, requires approximately another 2.5 Lakh employees with by the end of this decade as against a current figure of approximately 3 lakhs. This shortfall calls for heavy and fast paced recruitment drives but arranging such drives and getting required skill sets is going to be painstakingly time consuming and costly affair.

Consequently Manpower outsourcing firms since last decade have started showcasing their merited potential in this domain of automobile sector. They not arrange and conduct such drives but their already existing huge database of candidates saves their time in gathering the required skill sets and most importantly their spread and reach to different corners of the country saves a lot of travel time and related costs. Today Manpower Firms have equipped themselves to face the sudden unforeseen labour attrition and majority of them have a manpower compensation clause which helps the companies to get compensated for unforeseen dropout of contractual outsourced employees.

One major highlight of hiring a manpower outsourcing firm is that companies can now employ the required skill sets as per the contract validly and can get rid of them as there contract end. This not only saves thru running cost of employing a full-time in-house employee but also keeps there attrition rates at decent levels. Hence, as this sector continues to expand and cater to the growing demands of our rising nation, Manpower supply is going to be a critical aspect in delivering the results and Manpower Outsourcing with their expertise will continue to propel this sector’s growth through their impeccable manpower knowledge and resources.

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