Power plants need manpower to leverage sustained growth in power generation

Power sector has been the prime factor behind a Nation’s sustained Economic development and its life source sustenance. Power or energy is that element of nature which is produced by mechanical means to generate electricity and other means of energy which in turn generates motion, force or heat. With diverse sources of power generation, the power sector are broadly classified into two major streams namely the Conventional Source and the Unconventional Source. Conventional Power sources such as coal, natural gas, nuclear power, fossil fuel, hydro power, wind, solar, Oil etc are the prominent power sources in driving nation’s Economic development whereas the Unconventional power sources like the organic waste and woods are the sources of a more viable domestic power supply to meet various household energy needs.

India’s diversified power sources has been a boon in India’s march towards a “Developed Economy” arena. Enjoying almost the entire spectrum of Power generation sources, India has been able to sustain its rapid economic development and also meet the domestic energy requirement of it’s elephantine population which ranks 2nd in the world. Though there has been considerable economic and technological development with corresponding in-house power generation and usage, the ever towering population and Industrial growth of the nation is compelling the Nation to generate more energy or look for better renewable energy sources to meet the increasing demand. Without a doubt the power and energy sector has been one of the most challenging sector strategically and one of the most risky sector involving numerous unforeseen hazards and administration issues.

With the power sector fighting issues of fund mis-management and stealing of energy, the major concern of this sector still revolves around manpower shortage that has been present in this industry since last couple of decades and is eating away on this Industry’s potential of working with full capacity. With no dearth of power sources, India needs an extensive supply of capable and experienced manpower to leverage the full potential of such sources. As India progresses on strategic path of economic development, power and energy concentration is at its prime focus and so is the look-out for avenues to empower this sector with an enormous supply of daily wagers to intellectually equipped and highly experienced manpower.

With administration department pre-engrossed in sorting the three major issues of this sector involving production, storage and distribution, the focus on hiring new talents has become overshadowed and in-house sourcing has taken a hit with only 4% of its total workforce being recruited in the running decade as against 11% in the last decade. As power sector is a highly specialized sector involving tremendous amount of technical and mechanical expertise, the current shortage of required manpower and slow paced recruitment initiatives might become a giant hurdle in India’s economic sustenance, affecting its stride towards a developed economy.

Hence, a major key of arranging manpower without neglecting focus on other vital issues is the appointment of professional Manpower outsourcing firms which not only provide adequate and skilled workforce with flair but also save the time, cost and travel of HR executives in executing such tasks. These outsourcing firms closely monitor the manpower issues arising in different sectors and come=up with indigenous ways to creatively and fruitfully bridge the gap between hiring cost and production figures. They have databases of already experienced manpower who are willing to devote their knowledge and expertise in the development of nation and with a little guidance they can start delivering the results.

Hence as the power sector matches its production to the India’s leap towards becoming a global leader of self sustained power, manpower sourcing if not entirely, should be majorly entrusted to the Manpower Outsourcing Firms which will not only complete the task with perfection but also save valuable time and cost of the management.

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