Creating superior manpower solution to curb manpower issues in Steel Industry

Steel has since long been a crucial component in India’s socio-economic development and Infrastructural transformation. As India embarks on its mission to becoming a self-sustained developed economy, its domestic Steel consumption is going to reflect the standard of its Infrastructural supremacy on a global platform. With Steel having an indispensible strategic importance in shaping modern India, nearly a half of its production is being consumed for Industrial and Infrastructural development with remaining being utilized in the automotive and aviation sector, household utensils and durables, medical equipment’s and other essential amenities.

With current Steel production nearing 100 MT, India’s domestic steel consumption is likely to face a supply crunch by 2025 as the projected figures are well above 300 MT by then and approximately 700MT by the beginning of 2030. With that much of steel coming in Indian steel Industry apart from Infrastructure and Fund constrains, is poised to face an imperatively heavy workforce shortage. As Steel Industry works upon improving its Infrastructure and Fund platform, an additional supply of around 3 lakh employees comprising of 15% technical experts has to be put in place by 2020. As current Indian Steel producers face various challenges in meeting the desired output figures, one daunting challenge lurks in form of Manpower supply which is currently emerging as the biggest obstacle in meeting expected steel production goals for the running decade.

Currently the Indian Steel Industry accounts to over two lakh workers and with another 3 lakh coming in, the manpower short-listing and on-boarding process within specified time and required quantity is going to become an extremely critical affair for its recruitment team. One major key to such an issue lies in hiring the services of Manpower Outsourcing Firm(s). Such Firms with their widespread wings reach out to millions of both experienced and fresh candidates, across the length and breadth of the country. The huge database of manpower provides such Firms an edge over company’s in-house sourcing as these databases save considerable time in massive head-hunting and with lakhs of databases in store selecting the exact candidate who meets the specific qualifying criteria becomes easy. This not only saves cost but also minimizes the turn around time of on-boarding the new joiners. These Manpower Outsourcing Firms most often also stock and provide employee back-up to minimize the production losses at times of attrition during anytime of the year.

With Steel set to gain tremendous importance and faster production momentum, its manpower issues are going to multiply and with it the consequent unforeseen losses pose a dangerous sudden impact on the economic stability of this Industry. Manpower Outsourcing firms have been long since acquainted to such irregularities of manpower and posses a better understanding and adaptability in tackling these situations. Hence, it goes without stating that with such huge demand of steel pitching in, the need and role of such firms in tackling this impending manpower issue is going to be the game changer, proficiently equipping the Steel sector to take-up the upcoming challenges.

SGK India, a pioneer in the field of Outsourcing has clearly understood this issue and has correspondingly equipped itself with the ongoing developments in this sector. Be it the consistency in supply of specifically skilled manpower or the quantity of workforce required by this Industry anywhere and at any point of time, SGK India has adapted itself to meet the challenging demands of this Industry with absolute finesse.

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