Increasing importance of Manpower outsourcing firms in Coal and energy Sector

India is one of the prominent coal rich nations of the world. With over 38% of its land rich in coal deposits, India ranks as the 3rd largest coal producer of the world.

With fuel and energy being paramount to sustenance of industrial growth on this planet, humans have been harping upon several natural resources of fuel and the most common of it being coal. Coal, apart from being used for domestic fuel purposes also quenches majority of the manufacturing unit’s coal and subsequent energy requirements thus contributing to almost 50% of Industry’s power supply demand.

However, as India catapults itself to a self-sustained Industrial leader, the current supply of coal is falling short at meeting this developing nation’s coal need, forcing almost a quarter of its total coal consumption to be imported form other nations. As virgin deposits of coal are being explored, the extraction of it remains an issue considering the critical working conditions, lack of proper infrastructure and most vitally the consistency in adequacy of trained manpower in question.

Owing to the risky working conditions and health hazards involved, attrition in this sector has been on a rise. Though there has been unprecedented modern technical interventions in creating a safer and conducive working environment but still the fear of mishaps and lack of adequate expertise associated with this sector pushes this sector into a seldom preferred employment avenue.

Hence, Outsourcing firms have emerged as a boon for such sectors by not only providing a continuous supply of experienced manpower but also ensuring cost effectiveness and safety along with the manpower replacement clause in place resulting in greater production and profits.

Major cities like Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata etc which are the hub of economic activity for developing India are witnessing a rise in citizen influx since last century owing to the ever increasing job opportunities emerging out of such cities. Hence, several outsourcing firms have come up in last few decades to properly and efficiently mobilize this employable population and generate maximum production. Outsourcing consultants of such cities generally have a huge database and potential of providing experienced and dedicated human capital to almost any industry at any corner of the nation. As such Outsourcing firms continue to prove their employability merit, they have also expanded their consulting into providing expert business process solutions for Finance, HR, Marketing, Logistics, Infrastructure planning, Purchase, Storage solutions etc.

With major industrial growth in progress involving rising demand for coal, the coal industry is going face a humongous need of experienced manpower to maintain a continuous supply of this fuel source and without a doubt the Outsourcing firms are not only going to play an extremely crucial role in providing unparalleled outsourcing solutions at the most competitive prices but also become a catalyst in the construction of a self-sustained Industrial leader of the world.

SGK India, a pioneer in the field of Business process outsourcing has immense potential at providing quality professionals across the entire hierarchy of employment. It has gained unparalleled expertise in mobilization of manpower across several Industries of the nation and is now expanding to cater the humongous manpower need of the manufacturing sector thereby becoming a leader in the Outsourcing firm’s arena.

Statistical data source: Internet

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