Hull Underside cleaning Solutions

Removal of marine growths from the hull, rudder and propellers Spot blasting Hull underside cleaning Surface preparation for re-coating the hull above and below the water line Rust removal and surface preparation in ballast tanks in dock or at sea Cleaning and surface preparation works on superstructure, deck machinery, winches,..Continue Reading

Hammelmann High Pressure Pump

Hammelmann high pressure pumps are built to operate at the continuous maximum duty stated in the performance parameters, just compare the crankshaft speed, average plunger speed, plunger diameter and power rating. Power ratings up to 1100kw Vertical 7 cylinder design Wide variety of complementary ancillaries. Pressure upto- 3000 bar Flow..Continue Reading

Airport runway cleaning Services

Sound proofed high pressure water vehicle specifically for the purpose of flight safty, which is employed to remove: tyre rub-off on (take-off and landing) runways Oil and fuel grime on aprons runway markings Airport runway cleaning Services The various types of deployment vechiles can be equipped with a cotinuous adjustable..Continue Reading

Tank & Vessel Cleaning Solutions

AQUAREX-CLEANING DEVICES For various differing tank and vessel designs Hammelmann can custom build special cleaning devices. Shown here are typical examples         TANK CLEANING HEAD High Pressure Cleaning of Vessels and Storage Tanks. Hammelmann tank cleaning head remove deposits including hardened materials from tank internal walls at..Continue Reading

Increasing importance of Manpower outsourcing firms in Coal and energy Sector

India is one of the prominent coal rich nations of the world. With over 38% of its land rich in coal deposits, India ranks as the 3rd largest coal producer of the world. With fuel and energy being paramount to sustenance of industrial growth on this planet, humans have been..Continue Reading

Infrastructural Growth at stake without outsourcing

A Nation’s economic and financial supremacy cannot be fathomed without proper infrastructure and planning. As India embarks upon its glorious mission to emerge amongst the Global Leaders, Infrastructural development has become the wheels of India’s fortune. India’s contribution to global economy and its standing on global financial arena has been..Continue Reading

SGK India – Provides Manpower/Staff Outsourcing, Payroll Management, Operation and Maintenance (O &M) Services and Head Hunting solutions.

“SGK India Industrial Services (P) Ltd”, an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company involving into the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Outsourcing as well as Manpower Outsourcing including Payroll Management field in various sectors  Steel, Power, Mines, Oil &Gas, Power Distribution, Automobile, Water Treatment/Distribiution, Construction/Infrastructure, Telecom, Consumer Durable, FMCG, Healthcare / Medical / R&D, Industrial Products / Heavy Machinery, Manufacturing, Logistics /..Continue Reading

Relevance of Manpower outsourcing in emerging corporate world.

Organizations today are no longer performing within the same set of competitors that they used to more than a decade back, instead globalization has bought the whole world onto a similar platform where its services and products are viewed and valued by a larger set of audiences and consumers. Looking..Continue Reading

Manpower Outsourcing – An Effective, Cheaper, Safe & Reliable alternative to internal hiring

Manpower today has become synonymous with organization’s growth. Any organization to earn its share of market returns has to primarily invest in manpower and keep harvesting more on manpower recruitment opportunities to achieve its long term objectives consequently realizing its goals. Manpower recruitment enables an organization to use its assets..Continue Reading

Manpower Outsourcing – The timeless remedy to your manpower issues.

With companies strategizing their paths to steer fast and effortlessly through the jagged routes to success, they more than often face times where their otherwise efficient staffs engage in tasks which are unproductive but necessary and consume a lot of otherwise valuable time. Under such circumstances it is wiser to..Continue Reading