Quality Flex Printing in affordable price..

When it comes to flex printing in good quality in an affordable price, it’s a biggest challenge for Pati Graphics.  We are Committed and dedicated to provide quality services each time and all the time.. Digital printing can’t be better at any other place than Pati Graphics. Although there is..Continue Reading

What is Compressors and what are the different Compressors are available in the Market

Compressor: A compressor is a machine that increases the pressure of a gas by bringing down its volume. An air compressor is a type of gas compressor that converts power into some possible energy stored in compressed air. There are many types of compressors, which are as follows: Positive Displacement,..Continue Reading

Stainless Steel Tandoor Bhatti…

Stainless steel Tandoor Bhatti is widely accepted as most heat efficient, durable and non-toxic equipment to make roasted food for Indian appetite.Qualified and talented professionals of Amicable Equipments have designed a sturdy and easy-to-maintain stainless steel Tandoor Bhatti in line with international standards of quality. The design  can also be..Continue Reading

Staffing Opportunities in the Steel Industry in India

Steel Industry is a vast and growing Industry. The strength of the Industry lies in its Production, Operation & Maintenance(O&M) and Utility Maintenance. India was the world’s second-largest steel producer, from last some year the demand for finished steel consumption grew at a CAGR of 5.96 per cent during FY..Continue Reading