High Pressure Hydro-Jetting Services for Aluminium & Steel Industry in India

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Aluminium and Steel Industries are now using hydro-jet cleaning, commonly known as high-pressure cleaning, for effective cleaning of their equipments.  Aluminium & Steel have emerged as the most prefered material for...[+]

Outsourcing- The Emerging Trend in the Automobile Industry


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India’s automobile industry is one of the most capital-intensive sectors concentrating more on re-investment in capital expenditure and research & development at regular intervals. Now it is going through the...[+]

Mining Excavators – A Booster for Economic Mining


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The mining excavators are heavy machinery used for excavation in mines and quarries. It consists of a Boom, Dipper, Bucket, and Cab on a rotating platform. An arm is attached...[+]

Dump Truck – An Inevitable Vehicle for Construction and Mining Industry- Trishul Tread

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A dump truck is a truck used for moving material such as sand, gravel, or demolition waste for construction. It is also used in mines and collieries to move ores...[+]

Commercial Kitchen Equipments

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Commercial kitchens are designed to produce foods in a large scale with the help of powerful kitchen equipments. Commercial kitchen designs provide an elegant look to your kitchen and at...[+]

Staff/Manpower for Infrastructure/Construction Industries

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Infrastructure has been one the greatest necessities of mankind since the time it has understood of its basic needs. Infrastructure generally connotes...[+]

Hydrojet Cleaning Services for Thermal & Captive Power Plant

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Thermal and captive power plants function relentlessly and are prone to accumulation of various types of deposits and residual leftovers. hydrojetting...[+]

Promotional Material for Events & Occasions

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  The primary aspect of any commercial undertaking or activity is to communicate with its target market, otherwise known as “Promotion”. The ...[+]

What is Hydrojetting?

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Hydrojetting/High Pressure cleaning  is the process of using a high-pressured flow of water to clean the interior surfaces of the pipes, removing sca...[+]

Commercial Kitchen Equipments Manufacturer

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To enable cooking in a large scale with commercial purpose, kitchen equipments are selected based on various aspects like the size, material, quality,...[+]