Staffing Opportunities in Solar Industries in India…

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The Industry is moving from Thermal Power, Cogen Power, Fossil Power, Hydro Power to Solar Power as Solar Power is an Integral Component of the Renewable Energy Sector.   The...[+]

Manpower Outsourcing – The timeless remedy to your manpower issues

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With companies strategizing their paths to steer fast and effortlessly through the jagged routes to success, they more than often face times where their otherwise efficient staffs engage in tasks...[+]

Visiting Card an Effective Tool for Professionals

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Visiting Card, the solid first impression on the recepient lasts long. It does a lot more than just providing the personal details and contact information. A warm handshake with eye-contact...[+]

SGK India, The Specialist in Operation and Maintenance

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A Specialist is a jack of all trades, master of none, and a specialist is “Master of one”. When it comes to Operation and Maintenance (O & M), SGK is...[+]

Special Freezers for Commercial Establishment

Customized Freezers are designed specially for commercial establishment needs. They are the most convenient way of preserving food.Amicable Equipments has added a new innovative product to its product list. It...[+]

Hammelmann Accessories

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Any tool is incomplete without availability of its accessories and spares. At hammelmann, we ensure that all our products are covered at all times wit...[+]

Hydro-jet cleaning in Thermal and Captive power plants

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With growing demand in power consumption, thermal and captive power plants are now increasing their production capacity and in the process they need t...[+]

Stainless steel gates

A gate is not only a protective barrier against unwanted break-ins but also adds to the aesthetics of the property and demarcates its perimeter. Stron...[+]

Why Utilities maintenance is an Organization or Manufacturing Unit play vital role in its operation.

Utilities in an organization or manufacturing unit are the essential provisions that play a vital role in its operation. At SGK India we have the expe...[+]

TATA Hitachi Mini Excavators

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Excavation sometimes happens in the most demanding conditions where regular size excavators are unable to reach and for that reason TATA HITACHI bring...[+]